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At Progress Garden World, our staffs of professionals work together as a team to ensure the success of each project, whether it is large or small. Constructing a beautiful a green habitat or landscape is a process requiring, inquiry, research, creativity, planning, and proper execution. We incorporate a five phase approach to each complete landscape project.

Phase 1 - Client Contact
During our first conversation with a client, we create a customer project sheet. This details the best means by which to make contact with the client, the location of the project, and the type of construction or landscape work the client is interested in. Based on the client and project information, we will depute our draft man to the location and get the questionnaire duly filled. We want our clients to get the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from their Green environment, we believe that by having the client review and answer some brief questions about their construction or landscape preferences before our site meeting, and we can better achieve this.

Phase II - Design Consultation
The next step in the process is to meet on site with the client to walk the property. We discuss the clients’ preferences, review the landscape questionnaire, and make suggestions regarding layout and design elements. This is an excellent time for clients to share photos or concepts that they would like incorporated into their project. In this meeting we establish some general long and short term budgets to design within. Our designer or architect will have our portfolio available for review, and will answer any questions the customer may have.

Phase III - Plan and Proposal
Based upon the information gathered during the design consultation, our architect or designer will create an individualized conceptual plan. This plan is created specifically for the client's property, incorporating their needs and desires with our design expertise and construction knowledge. We use state of the art design and digitizing software making it easier for the client to visualize and review the (to scale) drawing. Once the conceptual plan is complete, we meet with the client to review the plan and detailed cost estimate. During this meeting we discuss the overall construction and landscaping plans, specific spaces within the landscape plan, landscape plants and other materials, as well as the cost associated with the project. The architect or designer will work with the client to make any design changes, value engineering options or budget changes. This plan can be executed in its entirety or can be constructed in phases over time based upon the client's budget and priorities.

Phase IV - Construction
Our goal is to make the construction or landscape experience fun and enjoyable for the customer. Once the design and budget are approved, we collect the advance and schedule the date to begin construction. From the start of construction the architect or designer will be very active in the project management, creating a seamless transition from design to construction. The project management responsibilities include maintaining open communication with the client, answering any client questions, updating the client on the construction schedule and reviewing the project daily with the site manager and crew. During construction each project will have an on- site manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will make sure at the end of each work day that the work site is clean and organized.

Phase V - Project Completion
Once the installation is complete the PROGRESS GARDEN WORLD team will conduct a final walk through. If it is a landscape project, a landscape care guide will be provided detailing how to properly care for your landscape. Upon completion of the walk through we collect the final payment. This final payment will initiate the PROGRESS GARDEN WORLD warranty. Even though the landscape project is complete, we are only a phone call away. We are always available to answer questions or meet on site to check on the landscape. We have a customer service team to complete any warranty work or to make additional modifications to the landscape project.

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