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We believe that people give life to places. We use a strong evidence based design approach, where creative ideas and clear communication create quality places which respond to the needs of our diverse communities. Our ideas create thriving, flexible spaces to stand the test of time. Our integrated design approach addresses environmental, social and economic relationships between people and places. We also draw on existing site context, character and features to enhance and create new sustainable landscapes.

Master Planning
We develop and nurture master plans which change perceptions and create opportunities. Our strategic plans form a framework for development that anticipates, plans for and brings about future change. We take a sustainable approach to the growth of our towns and cities, and the conservation of our countryside. We reinforce and enhance existing landscape character, and incorporate green infrastructure strategies. Our work is informed by policy, planning and physical context. It addresses social, cultural, historical and environmental factors, as well as visual sensitivities.

Urban Designing
Progress Garden World use place making skills to improve quality of life in our cities, towns and villages. We work collaboratively with stakeholders and different disciplines to shape the physical setting and composition of our urban environments. The location of development is informed by our initial landscape and visual appraisal work. Through integrating the design of buildings, spaces and landscapes we create distinctive and thriving places that endure over time. We appreciate economic viability and are committed to environmental stewardship, sustainable development and social quality.

We provide specialist advice on all arboricultural matters to protect and enhance our landscape heritage. As living things of extraordinary beauty, trees provide lasting colour, texture, structure, shade and habitats. Mature trees can also increase property values and reduce the negative impact of development. As such we work to protect trees, as one of the foremost landscape elements. Our commercially sensitive approach is much in demand by developers, local authorities and architects.

We work very closely with a number of ecologists to create and protect sustainable floral and faunal populations for the future. We provide specialist landscape design advice on the interrelationships between organisms, their environment and human influences. We protect sensitive and vulnerable ecosystems, balancing nature conservation with opportunities for ecological landscape enhancement. Throughout our projects we work to maintain ecological biodiversity and are committed to environmentally responsible design approaches. We recognize the economic benefits of landscape restoration and reversal of environmental degradation, and their positive effects on human well-being.

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